Build Version 1.0 of Your Digital Transformation Academy that is Aligned With You and Your Vision

Build Your Curriculum, Launch Your Platform, Engage Your Students

Are you a coach, speaker, teacher, or trainer ready to create masters in your craft at scale?

You’ve seen coaches and online courses and know that world is becoming more crowded.

You don’t just want to create a single course or program, but an entire online academy that supports your students all along their journey.

You want to set yourself apart… to own a specific niche in the marketplace.

You feel the deep desire not just to be heard, but to be understood

You want to build and teach something that will outlive you.

In fact, you’d die full of regret if you didn’t bring your gifts to the world.

That is what we are here to realize for you.

Our founder, Tim Wolf, has worked with and seen behind-the-scenes of some of the most successful internet marketers to date.

He’s been in the information industry for over 10 years, been a part 3 8-figure launches, worked with clients with thousands of students at $5000 a pop.

He has seen what it takes to really create powerful training and education that builds real results and raving fans.

Unfortunately, he’s also seen course creators be obsessed with becoming a guru and fail to actually make an impact.

Because there is something that most people in this industry miss…

It’s not about you. It’s about your students.

People think that focusing on their craft and their business success is the key to their clients success, but its actually focusing on their clients success is what drives the growth of the business and your craft.

Deep down you know this is true.

Yes, you still need to build a profitable business.

Yes, you still need to scale and spread your message wide.

Yes, you still want to give yourself more freedom and fun.

But you also want to make a difference… to actually change your student’s lives.

You’ve been crushing it with your clients 1-on-1…

Maybe you’ve tried launching a course or a digital product…

Maybe you’ve even successfully created a few results with your course or group program…

Either way you are not getting the results at the scale you want.

Imagine what it would look like if...

  • You knew exactly the journey people needed to master what you teach.
  • You had a proven system you could send people through over and over to get the best results.
  • People actually showed up, listened to what you had to say, and made real changes in their life.
  • Thousands or Millions of people could follow your process without taking up more of your time (unless you wanted them to).
  • You were responsible for people becoming self-sufficient and going beyond what you taught them to excel in the world.

That sounds amazing, right?

Turning everything you know into an academy that transforms lives on autopilot!

The good news is we can help you do just that.

Navigate the Biggest Common Landmines of Building an Online Academy

What is keeping you from getting started isn’t the big problems… its the pain of the small ones that pop up over and over.

  • Burnout and Overwhelm from chasing 1-on-1 clients…
  • Stuck in an endless cycle while constantly failing to evolve forward.
  • Trying program after program and product after product without ever building a solid footing for yourself.
  • Struggling to maintain a consistent product or results while you create something unsustainable again.
  • People dropping out or not engaging with your programs.
  • A deep hidden feeling that you are not heard or self-expressed… that you don’t deserve it.

There is a reason you are stuck in this cycle…

You are trying to create a one-off product or funnel to sell rather than a business model or system that meets your students or clients where they are at.

An Education Ecosystem that you can grow and develop over time yet still provides value today.

Introducing the Academy Creator Program

The Academy Creator Program is designed to help you launch of your online academy (version 1.0)

To get you started with the teaching model, business alignment, and technology you need to succeed.

We help you launch your academy and teach you how to evolve it to put your students on the path to mastery.

This is for people who want the best… who want an incredible product they can be proud of.

We help you build the foundation that works great now and can evolve to everything you want it to be.

You’ll get the best opportunity to own your place in the market and leave a legacy of changing lives and serving others…

All while creating freedom and a great life for you and those around you.

Get Your Academy Built For You & Designed Around Your Students Transformation Journey

Most strategists stop where the rubber meets the road and most implementers have their feet on the ground so much that everything goes above their head.

Our program combines strategy, implementation support and a done-for-you academy website.

Tim Wolf was absolutely key in building my course to match the mental-emotional (spiritual) journey that the client goes through. He’s been technical support for tons of big name multi-millionaire course producers, so after seeing tons of people go through courses (or not finish them)  he’s got a keen sense of what people need to get the greatest results from a transformational journey… Instead of being just a course that they get through 2 modules of and never login again. His help was so key to actually define the subtle milestones a person goes through and how to organize the precise amount of information to deliver, and at what time (instead of overloading) His combination is so powerful since he truly understands the spiritual journey, while also being a wizard at the tech.”

~ Sebastian Cruze

Decode Your Genius

You don’t need the expertise to build an academy…

You get to show up to our process and be guided through the work, not just handed a worksheet to fill out or an assignment to figure out on your own…

You get a foundational academy site with the building process managed fully by us while you provide the content and supporting information we request. AND you’ll still get to put your input in where you want to so it fits with your brand and vision for your academy…

The initial program lasts 6 months and our team will hold your hand throughout the process to help you build your curriculum, launch your academy, and help you get students and keep them engaged in the process so that you build real results.

We do this by helping you upgrade the 6 mastery themes that build a successful academy.

Become An Academy Creator

1. Mindset: Refine Your Approach

  • Create the proper container for education and transformation.
  • Discover how to teach at scale better than you can 1-on-1.
  • Get inside the head of your students and their transformation journey.

2. Method: Define Your Model

  • Create your teaching method so it works for your students.
  • Give your gifts in a way that aligns with your own and your students needs.
  • Build the framework for your academy you can use for years to come.

3. Delivery: Create Your Programs

  • Design an epic user experience that can happen on autopilot.
  • Build the technology and content to properly support your students.
  • Get your Online Academy Site that gives you space to grow built by our professional team.

4. Attraction: Fill Your Academy

  • Get the right, aligned students to sign up for your programs.
  • Learn how to attract your students rather than convince them.
  • Build a sales and marketing model that is predictable and scalable.

5. Retention: Engage Your Students

  • Solve the #1 challenge for most online academies.
  • Get your students to stick with your programs.
  • Build a thriving learning community.

6. Evolution: Differentiate Your Company

  • Utilize startup and software principles to earn while you learn.
  • Build a practical operations process to evolve while you grow.
  • Plan the future of your Education Ecosystem

Full Support to Build Your Online Academy

During the 6 month program, you will get all of the following from the ImagineBoss team:

  • 8 3-hour consulting and implementation planning VIP Sessions
  • 14 1-hour feedback and Project Pulse calls
  • Academy Creator Program Tools and Resources Guide
  • Academy Product Management Tool Setup
  • Academy Website Design, Development, QC, and Launch
  • Academy Brand Guidelines
  • Custom Designed Asset Templates for Tools and Resources
  • Unlimited email access for questions and guidance

What Our Clients Say

You don’t just have to take our word for it that we can help you either. Take a look at what some of our previous clients have to say about us.

Tim is truly such a genius at being able to pull things down from the heavens and put them in reality. Tim is the best I think I know on the planet at being able to create a beautiful vision on earth.

It’s one thing to have a vision but Tim is incredible at actually being able to bring it down to earth and be a true visionary himself at seeing what you want for your brand and being able to truly understand how to get your work out to people.”

~ Matthew Cooke

Body-Based Breakthrough

Tim Wolf is truly a master at his craft. He manages to synthesize so many different perspectives and processes and distills them all down to concepts that are super easy to understand. He’s professional and also just a cool guy. Working with him gave me a deeper understanding of my own business, my clients, my foundation, and ultimately my path forward. He quickly grasped the big picture of what I’m creating and reverse-engineered the steps I needed to take to get to that creation and outcome. 10/10 would work with him again–I plan to! He is excellent.”

~ Cassandra Vitale

Cassandra Vitale School of Divination